Recyclable products

Ingredients are only as good as the packaging containing them.

Moneret uses glass bottles which, in addition to being recyclable, allow for a better conservation of the formulas, with less conservatives.

Moneret also use polyfoil® tubes with unique conservation properties, allowing us not to use preservatives which are harmful to the skin.

The Moneret team strives to continuously improve its supply chain to ensure the use of the cleanest and most respectful raw materials.

Moneret - Eco-friendly
Moneret - Efficace


Approved by women and men

Moneret conducts thorough dermatologic and ophthalmologic tests on all products.

The efficacy of each ingredient and formula is clinically proven. Our products are approved by men and women following a daily use.


Simple & Complete

A beauty routine is not improvised. Inspired by the expertise of Korean beauty rituals, our products are carefully developed for simplified and efficient beauty routines. Moneret modernizes skin care fundamentals offering a vast array of textures and creating a unique sensory experience.

Moneret - Le rituel
Moneret - Naturel


Respectful of the skin

Moneret formulas are suited for all skin types. They contain up to 98% of natural ingredients which are carefully picked for their qualities and efficiency. In line with European regulation, our formulas are tested and approved by a licensed toxicologist.


Expertise & Quality

Moneret products are made in France, guaranteeing the traceability and quality of formulas according to European standards. In compliance with these laws, none of our formulas are tested on animals. Our products are rated as Excellent* on consumer rating applications.

Moneret - Made in France

*Except the colour control, which contains Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, widely used to ensure the fluidity of pigments in make-up formulas.