The Moneret story starts with the 10-year friendship of Alice and Gabriel. For a long-time they have also shared a struggle in finding natural and effective treatments for their sensitive skin. Frustrated by the limited options, they decided they would one day create a brand that honoured these values.

After his studies in Canada, Gabriel launches his career in the healthcare sector. Following her Fashion and Design studies in Paris, Alice goes to South Korea to study the language. There, she discovers the unique and avant-garde K-Beauty rituals.

The two friends create their start-up, combining the best of France and South Korea, the two pioneering countries of skincare and beauty. French tradition and excellence meet Korean innovation.

Haifa joins the adventure. The young mother and digital expert jumps into entrepreneurship after 7 years at a French luxury beauty brand. The founding team is now complete.

The name Moneret is born in pure Parisian fashion at a café on Faubourg Saint Honoré, where is now located the brand’ French office. Moneret is the birth name Alice’s late grandmother, an incredibly modern woman and a model of French Elegance.

During a visit at Gabriel’s godmother at the Cayeux Estate, home to the eponymous Iris grower, they find the inspiration for their main active ingredient. It would be this unique flower, symbol of French History and whose anti-ageing properties are known since Antiquity.

After 3 years of stringent Research & Development, Alice, Haifa and Gabriel are happy to introduce Moneret, an authentic and innovative skincare brand, made with love and passion in respect of nature and society.

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Moneret Team