Moneret is a skincare brand for all skin types, including the sensitive one. Moneret unleashes the power of flowers to empower your beauty and give you a natural confidence.

As a Moneret Muse, get a unique opportunity to share our Franco-Korean experience, lifestyle and passion.

If you too want to empower your beauty, are a K-beauty fan or master the art of "french touch" then you are a Moneret muse.

Becoming Moneret Muse starts with 3 easy steps:

- Follow moneretofficial on instagram

- Post your Moneret beauty ritual and tag @moneretofficial

- Tag @moneretofficial in one of your story that best represent your Moneret lifestyle 

Done! You are now a Moneret muse!

Just wait and see... you may be selected to be part of our next Moneret muse campaign !