The Knot Bag
Moneret x ADN



Gift the pleasure of Moneret in a unique upcycled handmade pouch, created with apparel brand ADN Paris. This winter, gently protect and nourish your skin with our multi-sensory treatments developed for the most sensitive of skins. 

DeliveryDecember 10, 2021
Limited quantity: 200 pieces

Included in this Gift Box:
- The Toner
- The Colour Control
- The Night Cream
- The Knot Bag

The Moneret x ADN Knot Bag
Upcycled and handmade, the knot bag is a mini tote in vegan fur-lined denim. 
This bag is made from ends of rolls of denim fabrics from the ADN Paris jeans and from the sleeping stock of vegan fur from a renowned Italian fashion brand.

- Denim: 100% cotton
- Fur Lining: 100% acrylic

Made in Paris
Each piece is numbered


- Lavage à la main
- Pas de nettoyage à sec
- Pas de blanchiment
- Pas de séchage tambour
- Repassage à basse température: 110C maximum

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