Charcoal Mask


Main benefits


The Moneret Charcoal Mask acts like a magnet. With its high concentration in charcoal powder, it draws impurities, such as make-up and dirt, out of your skin's surface, purifying it instantly. Coupled with a mango extract, it provides a moisturizing effect, leaving your skin soft and supple. Used twice a week, our Charcoal Mask helps your skin fight against acne, impurities and daily aggressions. It leaves your skin non-greasy and refines its texture over time.

K-Beauty inspired texture: think black paste

Contains 96% of natural ingredients

Suitable for sensitive skins


Twice a Week.

  1. Apply a thin layer onto cleansed skin
  2. Let it set for 10-15 minutes
  3. Rinse with clear and lukewarm water
  4. Dry your skin with a soft and clean towel
100% of women and men who have tried the Charcoal Mask* find that it: 
  • Leaves the skin soft
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Is gentle for the skin

*Clinical self-assessment by 22 women and men after 28 days of use.

Iris extract: 
Our Iris extract has global anti-aging properties, acting on all skin structures. It protects the skin against external aggressions and repairs it by boosting cell renewal.

Charcoal powder: 
Made from plant, charcoal powder is odorless and free of granular particles. It helps absorb excess sebum, microbes and toxins to purify the skin. Its exfoliant action provides a deep cleansing, eliminating impurities and imperfections.

Mango seed butter: 
Mango seed butter contains vitamins and nutrients, essential for healing the skin. It is known to sooth and treat various conditions such as dryness and wrinkles.

Grapefruit extract: 
Grapefruit extract increases cell renewal and restores the skin’s natural luminosity. It contributes to removing dead cells, reducing skin irregularities, and tightening pores. 

Sunflower seed oil: 
Sunflower oil is rich in oleic acid. It is known to have nourishing and hydrating properties able to revitalize and supple the skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Très naturel

J'aime beaucoup la texture crème légère de ce masque. Il est agréable à l'application. Il est facile à enlever. L'effet est immédiat, la peau est nette et purifiée dès la 1ère utilisation.

Masque hydratant

Masque au charbon hydratant. Laisse une peau douce . Je recommande a 100%.

Je recommande !!

Peau douce et purifiée sans être asséchée !

Une grande souplesse pour la peau

Passée la surprise du visage noir (mais qui permet de visualiser qu'on en a bien mis partout), le masque est extraordinaire.
Il laisse la peau très souple et hydratée. J'utilise beaucoup de masques et celui-ci est vraiment très confortable pendant et après.

Un masque qui me rends la peau soyeuse - un MUST!

J'adore le masque charbon Moneret - il est doux, lisse, agréable et nettoyant. J'ai utilisé ce masque une fois tous les 10 jours - un tube m'a duré pratiquement 4 mois! Je le recommande et je vais surtout le racheter. Merci à vous Moneret :)

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