The Moneret story began 3 years ago in pure Parisian fashion, on the terrace of a Faubourg Saint Honoré café.

Sharing a common past of skin issues impacting our self-confidence and social life, we started our quest for the ideal skincare routine. We decided to start our own line, focusing on unique clean and efficient formulas, respectful of the skin and our environment. Inspired by our French roots and our shared passion for the South Korean culture, we imagined Moneret.

Moneret is the family name of Alice’s late grandmother who perfectly embodied French charm and beauty: « la beauté à la française ». An urban lady, she used to escape to the countryside for a breath of fresh air, surrounded by her flowers. Whatever their origins, flowers have always held a unique place in History. Symbols of life, they are used as a subtle language beyond their scent. We believe in the powerful biological virtues of flowers, which have treated and soothed the skin in a natural and respectful way for centuries.

Our original range is based on the power of the Iris flower, a millennial symbol of French History. The extract of its root is a long proven active ingredient that fights the visible signs of aging by protecting against external aggressions, increasing tonicity and visibly reducing wrinkles.

Our unique packaging is an artistic ode to Korean culture and its ceramics. Our goal is to create not just a product, but a long-las- ting object. Known as a worldwide beauty trendsetter with innovative textures and beauty rituals, Korea is inspiring us in crafting simplified beauty rituals using a vast array of bases : oil, gel, milk, mist, cream and even transforming textures.

Making our products in France is essential for us, in order to provide and guarantee the best quality and efficacy. Following, 3 years of stringent research with a leading French laboratory, we came up with our first 7 products: the pre and post make-up essentials for all skin types with anti-ageing and anti-pollution suitable to sensitive skins.

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Moneret Team