Iris extract: 
Global anti-aging properties on all skin structures. Iris extract reinforces the skin against external agressions and repaires the damages by increasing cell renewal.

Charcoal powder: 
Purifying and detoxifying properties. Made from plant, charcoal powder is a black porous and odorless powder free from granular particules. With its absorbant action it helps to absorb excess of sebum, microbes and toxins in order to purify the skin. With its exfolient action it provides a deep cleaning helping to eliminates impurities and imperfections as spots.

Mango seed butter: 
Moisturizing properties. Mango extract contains nutrients, vitamins required for skin healing. It is known to sooth the skin and treat many concerns as wrinkles and dryness.

Grape fruit extract: 
Skin radiance properties. Grape fruit extract increases cell renewal and restore natural skin luminosity. It helps to remove death cells, reduce skin irregularities, and tighten pores. 

Sunflower seed oil: 
Nourishing properties. Sunflower oil extract is rich in oleic acid. It is known to have nourishing and hydrating properties able to revitalise and supple the skin.

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